Bild 483.jpg
..this is the room of my 7 year old son, hes got a single top will find a radio, cassette, cd player, as well as a lot of toys, which he doesnt mind sharing, if they dont get broke....
Bild 364.jpg
This is the parents bedroom...with a doublebed...obviously bedclothes and towles are provided for all of your family...
Bild 365.jpg will find a TV and a DVD player in the bedroom. Since we got a walkable wardrobe, the wardrobe, you see here is empty and all for your use...
Bild 366.jpg
...just another view..
Bild 376.jpg
...the room of our 2 year old son...the room is right beside the parents will find a cought, a changing table and millions of toys...
Bild 382.jpg
..the upstairs bathroom....
Bild 379.jpg
...the upstairs of our 2...
Bild 369.jpg
the view down from the patio, into the yard...
Bild 389.jpg
a part of the yard...dont worry..the hanger will be removed...its there due to us redoing the garden...
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