Erlangen, Bamberg and Nürnberg are all very historical towns, that have a lot to offer, museums, culture, funparks, lots of sights, attractions for children, beer and winefests, the zoo, lots of nice beergardens, pubs and clubs,....., the franconian swiss offers beautiful nature, over 280 breweries, lots of sporty activities, like kajjaking, mountain climbing, swimming,......

It would be hard to show and mention everything you can do around here on the next few pages, but if you decide for a swop or/and if you have special interests we would happily give you ideas and suggestions, as well as adresses, of your interest. I grew up in the area, and I will gladly suggest great things to do, that arent quite as touristy, crowded and pricy, as the things you find on the tourist boards.

Special occasion:

In our next swopping period, the Nürnberger Volksfest will be on. It starts on the 29th of August and lasts until the 14th of September.

Its the second biggest Volksfest in Europe (the biggest is the Oktoberfest in Munich) and if you ask my oppinion, having been to both of them, much nicer than the Oktoberfest.

Enjoy one of our famous Bratwurstroles....on one of the hundrets of streetfests and beerfests, you will find here all summer.....

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